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For almost fifteen years Natalie has brought me to exceed my limits with each session and brought me to succeed at exercises that at first I thought were impossible.


My training sessions with Natalie prepare my body for everything I want to attempt in life and allow me to quickly shake off any discomforts and prevent potential injuries.  I can ski and run without worrying about my knees, I can do ballet without injuring my hips, and dance in pointe shoes without hurting my feet, I can try any new sport with total body awareness and not fear for injury. My regular Pilates practice gives me enormous freedom.

Mathilde C.


Natalie Fitzpatrick took her first dance class in 1982 and hasn't stopped moving since. She began practicing Pilates and teaching ballet in her teens and has since dedicated her career to teaching intelligent fitness. She obtained a Bachelor degree in Contemporary Dance at Concordia university, completed her first Pilates training with Montreal osteopath Rosemarie Geist and was one of the first graduates of Lolita San Miguel's Pilates Master Mentorship Program in the United States. She has studied a multitude of different methods and techniques throughout her life, the most life changing being Yamuna Body Rolling, based in New York. She is a Teacher Trainer for the Yamuna method and has been a presenter for both Pilates and Yamuna at conferences in Canada, the United States, and Germany.

Through her own practice of Pilates and Yamuna she has been able to stay active and overcome chronic pain from multiple injuries. She offers self-care workshops, private training, therapeutic bodywork and group fitness classes. She enjoys challenging her students both physically and mentally and tries to set them on a path of healing when ailments arise. She genuinely cares about her students and keeps her classes fun, challenging, and varied, while deeply infused with anatomy and imagery. 


Joseph Pilates developed Contrology, known as the Pilates method, to overcome his own physical ailments. The method helps develop a balanced musculature, increases strength and flexibility, improves coordination, precision, and agility, improves breathing, centers the mind-body connection and gives greater ease of movement. Pilates equipment is spring-based and challenges you in ways that make it easy to balance strengths and weaknesses in a fun and motivating environment.

Pilates opens the mind-body connection in all aspects of exercise with safe gymnastic-like movements. We work with a variety of specially designed equipment and accessories that were created to challenge you from head to toe. 

The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power

- Joseph Pilates



The Yamuna method (or YBR) has everything you need to take care of your body through all stages of life. With logical, easy to execute, and effective exercises you learn how to rid your body of tension patterns that can cause injury, sluggishness and chronic discomfort. 

Body Logic YBL® is Yamuna Zake’s master work; all other work comes from here. This is a great work for assessing any structural issues and realigning them. From a session of YBL® a practitioner will know which YBR® routines to recommend for self healing.

In Body Rolling YBR® the entire body can be worked using specially designed balls that help re-create the therapist's manoeuvres from a Body Logic session. By learning the appropriate routines with proper technique students learn how to properly care for their own bodies. The quality of bone, muscle, fascia, other soft tissue and alignment are focused on throughout the sessions. The goal is to empower people to care for their own bodies and avoid unnecessary pains and ailments that can arise from improper posture and over-use. 


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